Tuesday 19 April 2016

Live The Nomadic Life, Albeit In The Lap Of Luxury At Lakshman Sagar

Ten-Second Takeaway

Said to be one of the hidden gems of Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar lets you experience the rustic and slow life while also offering luxuries like a private splash pool.

Back In Time

Crossing the bumpy roads of Raipur, under the hot sun, when you finally reach Lakshman Sagar {a property of Sewara Hospitality} and look around you, it may not be too difficult to imagine it as the hunting lodge from the late 19th century {built by the then Thakur of Raipur, Lakshman Singh}, that it actually was. But take a step into one of the cottages along the man-made lake {they have six on both sides of the lake} and you will be gently brought back to the present. Made with mud, stone and wood {following a sustainable design}, the simple-looking cottages are brightly decorated within. And the best part? Each room opens on to a private plunge pool where you can splash about or just laze around, taking in the view before you. So, while you do get to experience the rustic country life of Rajasthan in this reinterpreted, secluded resort, it’s no less luxurious. Read more

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Baisakhi Long Weekend at Pushkar Resorts, Rajasthan

Always wanted to see ‪‎Pushkar‬ and ‪‎Ajmer‬? The Baisakhi long weekend is the best time to do it all – a Kafila ride at sunset, a visit to the Brahma temple and Dargah Sharif, a trek to the Savitri Temple, 25% off at the spa, breakfast, dinner AND a Bollywood night with our DJ on Saturday! Valid from the 13th – 17th April 2016. Call +919910029109 for the unbelievable price!

Saturday 2 April 2016

Lakshman Sagar: An Idyllic Getaway for those who like it Slow

Have you heard of the term JoMO, the new much-loved antonym of FoMO? For the uninititaied, while FoMO is the Fear of Missing Out, JoMO is the Joy of Missing Out. JoMO is being increasingly used to describe the kind of holiday urban dwellers seek away from the hustle bustle of city life. Abiding by its philosophy of ‘slow-living’, Lakshman Sagar located in Pali district of Rajasthan ( a smooth two hour hour drive from Ajmer, as the highway is surprisingly good!) is an ideal getaway if you are seeking such a holiday. There is limited, actually truth be told no network in rooms and each cottage is secluded, kilometers away from another. All you see from your room is the expansive jungle and all you hear are the sounds of peacocks, birds and some other animals. Sounds magical right! Ready for the real joy?
THE Rooms 

Lakshman Sagar, a luxury boutique resort and a re-interpretation of a 19th century hunting lodge of then thakur of Raipur, has 12 mud and stone cottages spread over a whopping 32 acres. Each cottage blends into the natural topography of the place offering a visual treat to its guests.

Our 900 sq mt cottage had a baithak, a living room with kitschy bright interiors, bedroom and bathroom with rain shower, grey slate walls stocking toiletries crafted from natural ingredients like khus-khus. The cottage opened to a plunge pool overlooking the lake and the expansive jungle. The cottages, spread in two clusters on either side of the lake, don’t stand out but rather seamlessly blend in. Interiors too have all the elements of the local village adorned with the quintessential lota, bangles, jars that are part of villagers everyday life. Read more