Tuesday 28 July 2015


healthy tasty food
A place becomes special in your heart when you have beautiful memories attached to it. Regular readers of this travel & food blog would know that Lodi – The Garden Restaurant is one of my favourites. I have written its review earlier and have also called it one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi.
A couple engrossed in conversations, a foreigner enjoying his beer, some people engaged in casual corporate discussions — that’s the usual crowd I see at the restaurant on a weekday afternoon. It is perfect for all occasions. Weekend evenings are more eventful with a stand-up comedy show or some event in the background. Winter evenings is when the magic quotient of the place comes to life.
While winter is far away, the restaurant has been celebrating monsoons. I am here on a day when the weather is having a major mood swing; it can’t decide whether to be slightly pleasant or utterly humid. Mostly muggy, it is one of those (rare) days when you feel like having light/healthy food. That’s not at all a problem at Lodi since it has myriads of wholesome options to choose from.
On my most recent visit to the restaurant, I got a taste of the mango special menu and some of the new items added to the menu. Here’s a review of the dishes I savoured at Lodi:
Mango Virgin Mojito seemed to be just what the doctor ordered on that humid afternoon: light and refreshing.
Yellow Lentil Soup: A new addition to the menu, this Mediterranean delicacy is a rare find. Flavoursome, healthy, it comes with fried ginger garnishing. What’s delightful were the accompanying toasts — bread loaf cut into half with sides cut out. Homemade flavour to the core! Perfect for the weather. (Rs 365)
Homemade flavour: Bead Toasts with a healthy soup
Homemade flavour: Bead Toasts with a healthy soup
Sea Shell Pasta: I like shrimps. I like pasta. What’s there not to like when both are combined! Plus, the goodness of homemade mustard mayo and a little crunchiness with fresh cucumber. I found it quite delicious. (Rs 495)
Greek Style Salad: Now, this came as a recommendation and I agreed since healthy meal was on the agenda. I am rarely surprised by salads and hence avoid ordering them. This time was no different. With a whole lot of veggies in it, it is surely a healthy option but no wonderful surprises here. (Rs 395)
Pan Fried Tofu: It’s difficult for an ardent paneer (cottage cheese) fan to like tofu. Making an exception, I thought of giving tofu a chance since we’re talking health. The flavour of peanut butter sauce did the trick. It’s an enjoyable dish with crispy veggies on the side. (Rs 665)
healthy tasty food

Wholesome and toothsome!
Grilled Chicken with Mango chutney: A part of the Mango Fiesta menu, this was my favourite dish of the day. Succulent chicken with spicy unripe mango sauce, it was a delicacy. Since it was a part of the special menu, you may not get the chutney otherwise but do try the grilled chicken.
mango dishes
Grilled chicken with spicy mango chutney
Rosemary Thyme Quinoa: Okay, I disliked it when I had quinoa (pronounced keen-waah) for the first time at Sanskriti Vedic Retreat in Rishikesh. I did not try it last time my mother ordered it here in Lodi. But since it was a day of many firsts (tofu, salad etc), I had to give it a try. A superfood, it is loaded with protein and fiber. Can’t get healthier! It is crunchy as well as fluffy. Tastes great with veggies. (Rs 295)
healthy delicious food
Quinoa is a good replacement for rice
Not so healthy but delicious desserts!: The reward of eating a healthy meal should be sweet, literally! Sure, it defeats the purpose if you’re watching weight but a little indulgence never hurts. Homemade fig ice cream is a favourite. This time I tried Almond Bread Pudding with warm toffee sauce and fig ice cream (Rs 395). Need I elaborate? The name tells you how delicious it is. Triple layer Mango & chocolate souffle (Rs 395) and eggless chocolate truffle (Rs 365) were equally toothsome. Read more

Tuesday 21 July 2015

July Special at Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Wine and Dine ‪Unwind and indulge in the rich, ‪‎aromatic ‪flavours of New and Old World wines; excellent ‪‎accompaniments to the rustic ‪European and ‪Mediterranean dishes on our new summer menu! 

Events – We have some exciting offbeat events to entertain you this month. From comedy in the garden to short film screenings to music events.

Home Delivery – "Staying in is the new going out", Order now!  From fresh salads to desserts, we bring an array of dishes on your table. To order, call +918860018484. 

July Specials with Sewara Organics

Seasonal Deli Produce – Discover the many flavors of delicious seasonal produce from mango jams to dips, pickle to a variety of oils! All of these are now available at The Deli at Lodi. 

Farm to Fork – Life is healthiest, when you keep it simple. Grow. Harvest. Innovate. Provide. Feel free to give us a call on +919873374745 and help us simplify your weekly needs from the fields of our certified organic farms. 

Farmer’s Market –  We are glad to see the way you are loving us every week and this month we again bring healthy, seasonal and fresh veggies of the season every Sunday at Gurgaon Organic Farmers Market from 9am to 11am at Sushant Lok C Block, Community Centre (Near Paras Hospital) Gurgaon. For more details Call +919873374745 or +911126494531. 

Sunday 12 July 2015



New this season: Lakshman Sagar

Lakshman Sagar hotel is the big opening of the year here, the new kid on the block in Pali, an untamed land of desert, nomadic herders, farms and traditional villages between the Aravali hills and Jodhpur.
With one quick sweep, it has redefined the concept of the high-end heritage hotel in Rajasthan by being a completely rural experience. The point of this place is to be out there in the wilds, rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in - walking around the villages, getting involved with the locals' day-to-day lives, and even herding goats. The result is unexpectedly invigorating.

Staying here takes you away from the hordes of Rajasthan visitors. There are two beautifully restored buildings positioned around a lake, one the Mardana (male) and the other the Zenana (female) wing of a 19th-century hunting lodge erected for the Thakur of Raipur.

The Zenana has sexy pink interiors, a courtyard fountain, crazy psychedelic mosaic floors, and intimate alcoves full of cushions, silky fabrics, and knitting needles stuck into rolls of neon-pink wool; it's bonkers and wonderful. The Mardana is painted in a boyish cobalt blue and has daybeds and hidden nooks on the roof for naps, and telescopes for stargazing.

There are also 12 new cottage villas with vernacular-style exteriors, constructed entirely out of local materials and scattered over 32 acres around the lake, each with its own small rock-cut plunge pool and organic slanty sun deck. This place is low-key, but clever. The large rooms are a spritzed, creative take on a traditional Rajasthani village home. They are filled with electic everyday objects: steel tiffin boxes, desert shoes and jars of bangles. There are log fires for winter evenings and French windows for  balmy summer nights. Huge beds of crisp, white linen hover on plinths. Stone-walled bathrooms with rainforest showers have quirky treats such as pots of Ayurvedic clay and rosewater to mix into homemade face masks. The 'non-menu' dining system means you can eat anything, anywhere, anytime - and then learn how to cook it in the lodge's open kitchen, if you want.

Brilliant escorted village and farm walks take you deep into medieval stone-walled souks and to join mustachioed men rounding up their goats or bejewelled women draped in saris of vivid colours carrying pots of water from the well (which they do on their heads with the grace of ballerinas). This chance to join in with the rhythms of daily life is so much more fun than being a passive observer. It's a new look and feel for Rajasthan, traditionally so grand in so many ways.

Saturday 11 July 2015

Monsoon Specials at Pushkar Resorts

Make the most of your stay in the holy city by availing exciting offers on rooms, spa and F&B at Pushkar ResortsFor reservations dial + 919910029109 or email reservations@sewara.com

Prim and IMproper by Vasu Primlani at Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Lodi - The Garden Restaurant brings queen of comedy in the country Vasu Primlani.
The comedy show will focus on a scintillating look at life through the environment, based on her work in the United States, very strong social commentary, inter personal relationships, seeing India through new eyes (including how George Bush is like her mother), gender politics, men vs. women, climate change, environmental messaging, politics in a social context, a literary look at comedy, and experiences of an immigrant bumping into the culture and the laws of the United States.
Vasu is a keen observer of life around her, is often baffled by meaningless events and things. She constantly questions the notion of ‘normal’, and challenges the male-dominated and heterosexist mindset of society. She is best known for her physical humor and deadpan expressions.

Tickets are available on direct calling at the restaurant and bookmyshow.

Book your seat now!

Venue- Lodi - The Garden Restaurant
When – SaturdayJuly 18, 2015
Time – 8pm onwards
Address-  Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road, Opposite Mausam Bhawan, New Delhi - 110003.
For Reservation Call: 9818743232

Entry Fee – INR 600 per person

Thursday 9 July 2015

Mango Fiesta at Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant is the perfect amalgam of picturesque ambiance and delicious food. This premium offering by Sewara Hospitality brought us the perfect remedy the beat the heat this summers by hosting a month long ‘Mango Fiesta’ with a menu that offers a wide range of Mango cocktails and desserts.

DSC_0707 2The beautifully lit garden has lanterns dangling from the lush green trees and the wooden tables in curtained pavilions, setting it a class apart from the usual fine dining restaurants in the city.Celebrate the hero of the season – the glorious Mango amidst the lush green location of this beautiful restaurant and fall in love with the most romantic spot of Delhi – Lodi – The Garden Restaurant!

Mango Bellini – With a fancy and classy presentation, you can count on this delicious Champagne based cocktail to soothe your senses on a hot day while leaving the lingering taste of Mango on your taste buds!

Raw Mango Pieces
Raw cut pieces of Mango
Raw cut pieces of Mango – Rich and fresh varieties of Mango after a wholesome meal are some of life’s underrated pleasures! Dig in this simple dessert and recall the childhood joy of eating mangoes in summers!

Mango Cheesecake – The brilliant plating, the gooey and extremely moist texture of this cheesecake leave nothing but a smile on your face! The lasting taste of Mango and perfect balance of sweetness are the highlight of this dessert.
Mango Cheesecake
Mango Cheesecake
Mango Pudding– It is one of the simple pleasures of life to enjoy fresh and juicy pieces of mangoes in a dessert. Mango Pudding happens to be the best offering of the menu at Lodi. The pudding melts in the mouth, and has a taste that you will remember for long. To read more

Thursday 2 July 2015

Comedy In The Garden

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant and Comedy Wala present Open Mic Comedy Come and watch the creation, death and resurrection of jokes.

The comedian will come on the spot and present themselves. Comedians to register themselves online. Around 15 performers come and perform!

Venue- Lodi - The Garden Restaurant
When – Saturday 4, 2015
Time – 8pm onwards
Address-  Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road, Opposite Mausam Bhawan, New Delhi - 110003.
For Reservation Call: 9818743232
Entry is free of cost