Friday, 1 December 2017

The Bluegrass Journeymen Return to India

The Bluegrass Journeymen is a collective of accomplished musicians aimed at presenting traditional American Bluegrass Music to the world. Each member performs in a variety of bands back home, bringing original tunes and a deep knowledge of the bluegrass traditional songs and history to the table. While traveling abroad they play gigs, plan musical outreach and organize cross-cultural musical collaborations and lessons with local folk musicians. Their last tour to India was a great success with gigs at popular New Delhi spots. While bluegrass music is the focus, you will also hear country, old time, jazz, swing and plenty other influences in their tunes.

Patrick Fitzsimons- Mandolin 
Billy Cardine - Dobro 
Alex Koukov- Banjo 
Bridger Dunnagan - Fiddle
Jack Cloonan - Guitar 
Skyler Marsh - Bass 

A/V - Elliot Siff

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