Monday 23 March 2015

Fine Dining at Your Home by Maneesh Srivastva

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lodi - The Garden Restaurant - Fine Dining at Your Home

 I am a big fan of Lodi- the garden restaurant and have been a regular visitor. I love the ambience, the garden area, the food and simply everything about this place. Last week I came to know about their home delivery and I was glad to hear the same. It is definitely a great idea to enjoy food at home on a relaxed Sunday.

I asked them to deliver at 1PM and it was bang on time. I was very impressed with the packaging and no doubt everything was neatly crafted and packed. The cardboard boxes were robust and everything was neatly marked. The packaging support offered, meets the needs of sturdy and quality finish safeguards the products against humidity as well as other possible damages during transit. A neat box with wooden spoon, tissue papers, small bottles of chutneys, were well placed and I should admit that it definitely is not only eco friendly but also one of the finest delivery food boxes I have received.
A delicious hot meal was waiting for us and we quickly sat down to enjoy our lunch:
Let me run you through the meal that we enjoyed to the fullest!

  1. The summer greens, fresh tomatoes, pear, sun­flower seeds and  goat cheese salad with extra virgin olive oil & honey dressing (Rs 425) – it was fresh, has the crunch and the dressing was very well packed in small bottles. We simply loved it. We had extra olives, goat cheese in separate glass jars

  1. Next was from their chargrill section - pork ribs glazed with home barbeques sauce (Rs 795), pork was cooked perfectly and had amazing flavor which was even better with the barbeque sauce. Excellent stuff.

  1. From Appetizer section - olive, tomato and feta in rosemary and garlic on crusty baguette slices (Rs 365) – we loved the dressing on the baguette, it had excellent flavor but we realized that this dish we should not order as if you decide to eat a little later, it will turn soggy.
  1. We didn’t order pasta and soup and preferred to pick from their platter section  - non veg platter – fish, mutton and two types of chicken kebabs, served with mint and chilli chutney(Rs 1695) – kebabs were really good, specially the mutton and fish, well grilled and well marinated. We felt it was a little overpriced.

  1. Finally the desert – it was strawberry cheese cake – excellent with fresh sliced strawberry on top. It was absolutely delicious.
Well I think it’s a fantastic start by Lodi to deliver gourmet food at your home – at your doorstep and they ensure freshness and quality. read more

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