Friday 9 October 2015

Chizai Live Music at Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Chizai is a group of acoustic Entertainers from Delhi. The group started when a singer who plays Guitar and a drummer/percussionists started playing their hearts out in early 2013. Of course a drum kit was too big to carry, so Chizai made a home made instrument that was portable and sounded similar to acoustic drum settings. They made there own sound and called it (Drumbin) because its a drum that is made out of a dustbin bucket. It gives them a unique,calm and joyful sound.Joining them in their band and hence in their musical journey is a very talented trampoline artist from Japan,a vibrant girl called Chi. Their selection of covers is something everyone wants to sing along to. They have been playing every week in cafes,concerts and restaurants ever since.

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