Sunday 1 November 2015

Amarrass Nights at Lodi with The Lakha~Madou

Amarrass Records is thrilled to present THE LAKHA~MADOU PROJECT that brings together two ancient desert instruments - the sindhi sarangi (in the hands of the master and living legend LAKHA KHAN) and the kora (the African lute harp, played by 71st generation Malian musician MADOU SIDIKI DIABATÈ). In the hands of these masters, a never-before-heard combination of instruments weaves a magical tapestry of soundscapes. A very special project, the seeds for which were sown at the first Amarrass Music Festival in Nov 2011 in New Delhi (when the two met briefly and collaborated on a jam with Vieux Farka Tourè and Barmer Boys).

Lakha Khan is the undisputed master of the sindhi sarangi, a 27 stringed bowed string instrument from the Indian desert state of Rajasthan. At 68, he is a living legend, described as "a real treasure" (Songlines). Madou, from Bamako, Mali is a virtuoso of the kora, a 20 string African lute harp and in his hands the kora "sounds not of this world at all. His rippling, harp-like arpeggios and dizzyingly complex interlocking melodies seem to descend on warm wings from a yearning heaven of billowing, fragrant heat." (The WIRE: Adventures in Modern Sound Magazine).

“How fabulous of a collaboration is this” - New York Public Radio
"The Story of Malkauns" featured on the World Music Network July 2015 charts

WED, 04 NOV 2015 | show time: 9:00pm (doors open at 7:00pm). TICKETS: Rs 500/person

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