Tuesday 8 December 2015

A must visit winter destination in India - Arabian Gazette

Wondering where to go this New Year’s? Head straight to India and look at this gem in the lap of nature–Lakshman Sagar
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Lakshman Sagar Frontal
Just a day before the trip, I realized that I might have limited access to Internet and phones. I was wondering why I agreed to visit the ‘badlands’ of India’s Rajasthan.
Little did I know that approach road to this rocky terrain would be better than most city roads. Little did I know that the smiles of the people will eat into my apprehensions. Neither did I know that this would be one trip that I am going to cherish for a long, long time.
Glad that I agreed to be here and glad that I have the opportunity to share my experiences with my readers.
I was growing impatient and wanted at least a small glimpse of the building. After all, I was already two hours into my road journey from Ajmer railway station. My research revealed that it was a Marwar heritage property that was used by the erstwhile 29th-century rulers as their hunting lodge.
There is some sort of serenity attached with the property. The main buildings of the property stand intact, proudly, in their historical glory. The women’s’ quarters are painted in candyfloss pink while that of the men’s is in manly yet pleasant blue.
Times moves at its own pace here. You can choose to head for an early morning walk, trying to spot some harmless wildlife and mostly birds. I did compete with a tortoise before deciding to head to the groundnut farms.
While my stay was for two nights, I recommend you to park yourself for atleast 3-4 nights to do complete justice to the place. You are spoilt for choice—it is difficult to decide whether to go and have breakfast in the fields, or go birdwatching, or settle for a royal spa in the comforts of your bright and lively cottage or enjoy a dip in the attached private pool.
Afternoons can be a bit boring if the sun is shining bright out there. But, we strictly recommend that you should head out to the local market, check out the local produce, indulge in some delicacies and savouries that form a part of the street food. You could also sit back in the cottage and play some traditional Indian games that are equivalent to the modern day Ludo or chess.
I decided to give all this a miss and call for a village girl to apply some henna on my hands. After all, the region has one of the best Henna farms of the world. Satisfied at the traditional Indian tattoo, I headed to meet the potter. Complete with a potter’s wheel, we spent the afternoon creating beautiful clay utensils. Who needs to be on Facebook when there are so many activities that can engage you and your mind? And the resultant creativity is food for the soul?
That is not all, towards the evening, you should head to this crater-style common pool that has warm water from the afternoon sun. Don’t forget to run straight to the high-walled terrace lounge right next to this pool. Sunset and star-gazing experiences from here are unbelievable. Living in a city, you would never know that nature has so much to offer.
Wondering what kind of food is served here? The chefs are right there to cook food according to your liking. However, when in Rome, do as Romans. Eat the local food, Dal Baati Choorma, Gatte ki Sabzi, Laal Maas and Ker Sangeri. Trust us, the food will not disappoint you. After all, it is organically grown right there in the resort premises. To read more 

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