Wednesday 2 December 2015

Lakshman Sagar has been featured in Asianage

Sarthak Sengupta of Sarthak Sahil Design Co. tells us why traditional materials and Indian craft practices are intrinsic to their ideas
When Sahil Bagga and Sarthak Sengupta returned to India from Italy after studying design, they decided that they didn’t just want to cater to an existing market or design contemporary spaces. They wanted to change the way we consumed lighting and understood interior design. And while doing so, they wanted to use materials that were not only functional but some that found their roots in traditional Indian crafts.
In keeping with that dream, Sahil and Sarthak have been consciously working towards creating lighting products and installations since 2009 — the year they set up their design practice. Sarthak says, “We wanted to create products that were global in nature but local in spirit. Our instincts told us the definition of luxury was changing internationally. We wanted to be the front-runners at least in India — to cater to a market that believed in luxury with a conscience.”
This philosophy has found its way right from their first major project — the Lakshman Sagar Resort in Rajasthan — which is one of their most published projects till date. Since the resort is located near Raipur, the two recreated an ambience “that is inspired by the region, and made with materials that are found abundantly in that region.” Calling it the “Zero Kilometre Design”, Sarthak says, “We documented craft practices, rituals and customs, objects, farming tools and vessels, in order to capture the true spirit of the land. These were then reinterpreted into modern day objects such as light fixtures and furniture that adorn the interior of this resort.” Read more

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