Saturday 9 January 2016

dubhajan: Amarrass Nights@Lodi with Ravana + Bagga Khan

We welcome the New Year with a special, beh-tareen, shudh desi double bill featuring RAVANA and BAGGA KHAN.

Ravana {: a 'mirage' as a metaphor / allure } ! Producer, DJ and 'kitsch' sampling agent ! Based in New Delhi, Shravan a.k.a Ravana, re-emerging and re-inventing his moniker via Drum N Bass/Jungle/Break-core/dub. His new songs are raw, gritty and with thought provoking form - gradually inviting the listener to a dark experience. The perverse use of retroactive speeches, voices and old Bollywood songs, over a smokey canvas of sampled sounds and relentless hard quantized beats chuffed with dubby bass-lines and psychedelic washouts. Back for a special set at Amarrass Nights @ Lodi after a memorable 'Mirza Ghalib in Dub' session at the 2014 Amarrass Music Festival. 

Bagga Khan, from Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan, India, is one of the finest Manganiyar bhajan singers. A master of the tambura (a plucked stringed instrument similar to the tanpura), and with a voice that elevates the mysticism in the devotional songs he sings - bhajans and dohas written by Kabir, Meerabai, and Tulsidas. His songs have been featured in 'Mitha Bol: Field Recordings from the Indian Desert' (2011 Amarrass Records) (5 stars in Songlines, nominated for Best Folk Album at the GiMAs). "The secular bhajans sung by Bagga Khan, accompanied by strummed tambura, lilting hand-drums and metallic percussion that echoes the click-clack of Touareg music, from another desert on another continent." - The WIRE: Adventures in Modern Sound.

THU, 14 JAN 2016 | show time: 8:00pm onwards 
TICKETS = Rs. 500/person 
For reservations call +919818743232

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