Wednesday 20 September 2017

Rural Retreats in Rajasthan

Lakshman Sagar is a decidedly luxurious take on Rajasthan’s most unvisited area, Pali – nestled between Jodhpur and the Aravalli hills- without trying to mould its surroundings into a manicured golf course environment. The point of this six year-old resort is to revel in rural living while sipping a cocktail in a pool cut out from a flat rock.

There are two restored buildings positioned around a lake, one the Mardana (male) and the other the Zenana (female) wing of a 19th-century hunting lodge erected for the Thakur of Raipur. There are courtyard fountains, psychedelic mosaic floors, telescopes for stargazing and intimate alcoves full of cushions and knitting needles stuck into rolls of neon pink wool. There are also 12 new cottage villas constructed entirely out of local materials and scattered over 32 acres around the lake. But no matter where you decide to settle down with a book, your elbow won’t be too far from a port decanter.

The offer includes:

Self Exploration walks on the Aaravalis with help of maps
Guided hiking , nature hunting a and cycling tours
Birding on the kayak 
Therapy sessions to calm the nerves , and rejuvenate the senses
Customized afternoon campings and lunches 
Sparkling sundowner 
Cocktail barbecues and Private Lantren Dinners 

The package costs Rs 39,999 (Inclusive of taxes) with selected activities for two nights & three days. For details and booking, call 011 3958 5266 or email

This offer is valid till 31st Of Dec 2017.

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