Monday 16 October 2017

Last Minute Deals on Pushkar Fair 2017

The famous Pushkar Camel fair of Rajasthan is a huge trade fair and attract tourists from all over the world. The Pushkar fair is held every year in the month of November at the full moon. Rajasthan - “Land Of Kings” is one of the attractive and preferred destinations of tourist which gives you a glimpse of heritage and culture through its facades. Pushkar Fair is going to start from 28th October to 4th November 2017.

The fair provides you immense opportunities and it is once in a lifetime experience to take the best of Rajasthan in the form of souvenirs. When people gather together in the fair you will be acquainted with the culture, lifestyle and heritage of the state. In the fair the crowd is entertained with the folk dance, folk music, and comedians. During the fair you get an opportunity to socialize with the villagers and witness the lifestyle of the villagers. The colorful and cultural combination of the awe-inspiring Rajasthan can be seen at the famous Pushkar Camel Fair.

Enjoy the opulence of Pushkar Camel Fair by staying at Pushkar Resorts and experience the true essence of Rajasthan. Pushkar Resorts maintain itself as the foremost luxury resort in Pushkar. Spread across 15 acres.

Pushkar is one the best tourist destination in Rajasthan surrounded by Aravali range and is a beautiful town located on the bank of Pushkar Lake and has got 52 Ghats. Pushkar has a religious significance of Hindu and is considered as a holy place. 

The main attraction of the Pushkar is the Brahma Temple and the Pushkar Lake. 
The surroundings of Pushkar create a magical aura which rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. 
The Pushkar Fair brings joy and happiness in the faces and lives of the people, whether they are tourists or villagers.

Standard Cottage
Deluxe Cottage
Super Deluxe Cottage

Above Tariff Includes:-

Elaborate Menu
Evening Cultural Program
MAP & AP Plan will be provided with additional Snacks during the Dinner

Add-on to your room night
Picnic basket with hot beverages and snacks
Visit Fair Ground by Camel
Rs 1500 /- Per hr
Adventure & activities
Jeep safari to fair ground
Rs 2500 /- Per way
Hot air ballooning over pushkar
Rs 15000 /- Per person
300/- Per person
Quad Biking
600/- Per person
250/- Per person (6 Arrows) 
Zip Line
400/- Per Kids & 700/- Per person
700/- for 2 pax (per round)
Rock Climbing
400/- Per person
Spa Cuisine Lunch
Rs 900 /- Per Person
Spa Cuisine Dinner
Rs 1200 /- Per person
Scheduled wellness activities: Personalised Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation
Rs 500 /- per person
Full Body Massage, Steam & Sauna, Yoga and Meditation 
Rs 2500 /- - Rs 4,000 /-

 For reservations, call 011 3958 5266 or email


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