Saturday 9 November 2013

Savor modern European cuisines at Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

Best known as the capital’s favorite alfresco dining restaurant, Lodi – The Garden restaurant is situated in the heartland of Delhi lush botanical surroundings, pebbled walkways and bamboo railings, the restaurant is an extension of Lodhi Garden itself. With emphasis on fresh home grown products and seasonal ingredients, Lodi’s menu is an eclectic mix of European cuisine with Asian and Middle Eastern influences. The deli, serving home made fresh sauces, dips etc is the recent addition to the restaurant.

The restaurant is well known as a non institutional cultural hub. We work with well known & upcoming artists to organize a wide variety of events & gatherings.

Design & Architecture

The earthy & organic sensibility of Lodi – The Garden Restaurant is highlighted by its lush botanical surrounding, pebbled walkways, cane & wooden furniture and bamboo railings. The Lodi has seating that is split between the Atrium, the Bar Floor, the Terrace, the Garden Area and the Ground Floor.

The Garden area houses a variety of trees including the Jamun & Peepal tree, some more than a 100 years old. Comforting colors like orange have been used to ensure the seamless blending-in of the serene natural environment with that of the Restaurant.


Primarily a European menu with Middle Eastern influences, Lodi – The Garden Restaurant emphasizes on freshness and seasonality. The use of seasonal fruits and vegetables being the fundamental rule in Lodi’s kitchen, the restaurant revamps its menu every season, thus, providing a fresh menu every quarter, which not many places in Delhi can pride themselves on. With an extensive wine list & single malts, Lodi’s bar is a highlight for the restaurant. The Deli houses fresh homemade preserves, butters, sauces, dips & fresh organic vegetables.

The restaurant serves house specials such as Salate Horiatiki, herb crusted Manali Trout and Andaman Jheengha, using locally sourced, seasonal produce.  The Lodi Chocolate Mousse is a particular favourite.  Chefs maintain minimal cold storage of ingredients.  Herbs are grown in-house and Fresh fruit smoothies and vegetable juices are offered, subject to seasonal availability. 

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