Wednesday 13 May 2015

Summer Coolers At Lodi

 Quench your thirst with Summer Coolers at Lodi!

Summer is already started setting in, and as mercury level goes soaring, chilled drinks are the must have. Here are top five summer chillers to relish.

Green Apple Martini

A martini with looks to die for; is a tempting variation of apple martini. Whether it’s a spring, summer or winter, it will always soothe your senses and satisfy your taste buds. The perfectly balanced sweet or sour apple drink with vodka is very easy to prepare.

Rose Sangria
This light, refreshing, and simple sangria is perfect for sipping on a toasty summer afternoon. The bright ruby-red hue is compliments of starting with a nice pink rose wine, and then soaking strawberries in it.

Kaffir Lime Sour
This spiced cocktail is Thai-inspired flavors pair beautifully with Southeast Asian food; it's also perfect on its own as an afternoon sipper. Note that the Kaffir lime-infused vodka requires at least 5 days to infuse; this drink calls for planning ahead.

Lemon Iced Tea
This refreshing iced tea is the perfect drink to serve at all your summertime parties. The delicious iced tea is enhanced with the refreshing flavors of lemon, mint and vodka.

Kiwi Margarita
Kiwi margarita, packed with loads of vitamin c, the bright green flesh of the kiwi fruit speckled with tiny black seeds adds a dramatic tropical flair to this drink.

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