Monday 4 May 2015

Melon Magic at Lodi

Come under the spell of 'Melon Magic'!
As it gets more and more difficult to bear the heat, take some time off and head to Lodi - The Garden Restaurant. Enjoy Melon Magic festival this month and wink back at the sun.

Musk melon, low fat yoghurt, ginger and fresh mint soup
New Delhi, May 5, 2015: It is the season of melons and Lodi is offering fresh and healthy cuisine to its guests. One of the best ways to beat the heat is by indulging in seasonal fruits and the current month is all about melons. Biting into the fruit is easy and healthy; enjoy a three course meal with different types of melons as the core ingredient.

The melon menu will comprise an array of scrumptious dishes from a variety of cold soups to appetizing desserts. Absolutely perfect for a hot sunny day, start your meal with a musk melon, low fat yoghurt, ginger and fresh mint soup, a combination of sweet and sour.
Watermelon feta cheese

Get bowled over the presentation, relish the flavors of healthy and appealing salads like Sweet melon and with farm greens and crisp prosciutto with wild honey & lime vinaigrette; Watermelon, salted gout cheese and roasted pine nut with sweet balsamic dressing; The green sprouts on the side and dark brown sweet balsamic made it more visually beautiful. The melon's sweetness meets the cheese's sourness.

Watermelon Mojito
Moving to main course, savour your taste buds with Grilled sea bass with melon, mint and coriander salsa; Jerk chicken and melon skewers with house salad and water melon reduction; The wild rice inside the soft chicken gelled with melon and lime chutney and greens like cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomato. Switch to the desserts, Lodi is offering, assorted platter of melons with rose & lime reduction; Sweet melon and mint sorbet; Three melon ice cream.  These desserts are the best way to shield from the sun's heat. The cocktails on the list include Melon Mojito, Melon Margarita, Melon Martini, Melon Bellini and Melon Daiquiri. 

Priced at Rs.2200 (all inclusive) for a meal for two, the fruit's high water content, less use of olive oil and no use of hot spices makes it the ideal cuisine for summer.

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