Monday 6 April 2015


The Lodi Garden Restaurant is one of the attractive culinary destination in the Capital, and when seated astride a window with a view of landscaped gardens, one can feel the magic of dining in Paradise. However, the stellar attraction of the alfresco restaurant is its cuisine… and for those who crave it and may not be able to go the distance… there is some good news for you: it has begun a home delivery service!

With barely contained excitement I called them and ordered my favourite salad, pasta and grills and at 7 pm sharp the delivery boy came loaded with dinner for three. I have to pause here to say I was super impressed when he enquired where he could lay out the boxes instead of just piling them on to me! Taking off his shoes, he came in and set it on the dining table. Dinner began with salad and pasta. The fresh greens packed with raw papaya, beans, shallots and coriander leaf, which we sprinkled with the accompanying burnt chilli, was refreshing! The House Pumpkin Ravioli in burnt butter and house basil pesto was amore… with pumpkin ravioli layered and covered with burnt butter, rich pesto sauce and parmesan shavings… and the fresh basil was actually grown in their gardens! I delighted in the contrasting textures enticing my palate. This dish would make anyone's day!

Sipping wine, we then opened the warm boxes of grills. The pork ribs glazed with barbecue sauce were tender, lean and meaty, infused with smoked flavour. The house barbecue glaze made them finger-lickin' good. Up next, we delighted in the freshness of the sole infused with chilli and ajwain; it was so well marinated and grilled to perfection! Our unanimous favourite however was prawns marinated in mustard, lime and fresh dill, with garlic aioli; it was freshly prepared and spiced, seared to give a hint of doneness, and had a soft texture that chewed easily. Our last grill was boneless chicken marinated overnight in cardamom, cashew nuts and cheese. The pieces had a crisp crust and a generous amount of rich meat! Although we were gratified with the dinner—the quantity was large—no order is complete without dessert so we opened the box of almond bread pudding, poured the accompanying warm toffee sauce generously over it and blended it in with fig ice cream. Sumptuous! I highly recommend ordering in! (12.4.2015)

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