Monday 27 April 2015

"Unplugged Wednesdays" Featuring 'AMARTYA GHOSH' at Lodi, 29th April 2015

Get set for the Final episode of "Unplugged Wednesdays" in the month of April 2015 next wednesday (29th April).

Artist on feature - Amartya Ghosh

Amartya is a singer songwriter from New Delhi. He came to Delhi in 2013 where his approach towards music changed immensely. He began to take lyric writing seriously in order to express himself more through his music.

He formed his band (Percussive Maintenance) in 2014 and has recently started working on his solo project. The songs he writes are usually very personal and he strives towards making simpler melodies so that more people can enjoy my music. 

The drive is to clearly get his thoughts across and to make his audience feel what he felt while writing his melodies.
As usual it will be an evening catered towards awesome music and fantastic food in an unrivaled outdoor setting courtesy Lodi - The Garden Restaurant.

Venue: Lodi – The Garden Restaurant
Date – April 29th, 2015
Time – 8:30 pm onwards
Address: Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road, Opposite Mausam Bhawan, New Delhi – 110003

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