Wednesday 29 April 2015

10 Summer Cocktails To Indulge In This Summer

Rose Sangria
Rose Sangria at Lodi - The Garden Restaurant (New Delhi)

If you like fine things or are a fan of wine, this rose wine is the perfect summer cocktail for you. Made with rose wine and exotic fruits, this light refreshing has beautiful shade of pink.

Red Berry Ice Tea at Zingo Star (New Delhi)
The Red Berry Ice Tea is an ultimate summer cooler. It has the sweetness of Red Berry crushed with aromatic iced tea, and is served with a topping of tangy lime juice, which tastes delicious and refreshing.

Hawaiian Skunk at Raasta, (New Delhi)
If you are tired of the same old cocktails, try the Hawaiian Skunk, from the bongtail range at Raasta. This eclectic drink mixes Vodka and Gin with exotic fruit juices. A fabulous innovation that brings together the true Caribbean vibe by serving cocktails in beautiful glass bongs, the Bongtails at Raasta brings the zing in with a medley of crazy flavors and colors.
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